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A Love Letter from Carrie

In my opinion you should tell those you love just that, “I love you” every single day and we don’t need Valentine’s Day to do that…

However there’s definitely something to be said for having the perfect excuse to spoil yourself! After all, who says you need a special someone to shower you with affection? This Valentine's Day, let's turn the spotlight on loving ourselves, and what better way to do it than with beautiful, timeless, affordable jewellery?! 😉

Carrie Elizabeth Valentines Jewellery.jpg__PID:965cf5f2-d0e3-4c37-942b-e7b4baaa7333

Love yourself first and everything else falls in line

The heart wants what it wants, as for me, mine called for two of our newly launched engravable signet rings, one is engraved with ‘Brice’ - which will become my surname later this year. The other one says ‘Fix Up’ as I’m a proud Essex Girl at heart & LOVE Garage music and Dizzee Rascal’s “fix up, look sharp” has always served as a mantra when I’ve been going through a tough time. It’s my own personal & unique symbol of strength to carry with me every day - I love it! Available in both Gold and Silver, these rings are perfect for stacking to your hearts content and gorgeous for mixed metal looks too! You can explore our free engraving service, and choose your own meaningful words, initials, names or dates that tell your unique story.

Carrie Elizabeth Carrie wears signet rings on her little finger engraved with Brice & Fix Up

My love language is jewellery!

There is something really special about jewellery that is uniquely yours, and freshwater & baroque pearls are just that! No two are the same, making each pearl completely one-of-a-kind and unique. Layer pearls together or wear a solo statement piece - either way, you can’t go wrong with these stunning gifts from nature! I can't get enough of our luxe & luminous gorgeous Black Pearls, these beauties are set to wow!

Carrie Elizabeth Valentines Jewellery (2).jpg__PID:4de1db24-e604-4699-b7bd-0c1d070b301d

Love in every detail

Are you collecting charms from our Treasured Collection? 9k solid gold charms are having a moment right now & are the perfect way to show yourself some love this Valentine's Day! 

Incredibly meaningful, the Treasured collection was created to symbolise special moments, people and achievements in life. Designed for you to hold onto a memory, to give strength during tough times or to symbolise your bonds with loved ones. Choose from our simple plain initials, sparkling diamond set initials, engraved initial lockets, birthstone charms & lucky charms to build up your unique and special cluster.

Carrie Elizabeth Valentines Jewellery (5).jpg__PID:33201812-616c-4e94-aeca-32fdeee58749

Life is short, so if you love someone, tell them! And who deserves your love more than yourself?

What will your new jewellery say and what will it mean to you?

Love & light,

Carrie x