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Looking for the perfect fit? Follow our ring size guide to find your ideal Carrie Elizabeth ring size!

Ring Sizing Table

CE Ring Size UK Ring Size Inside Diameter (mm) US Ring Size European Ring Size Finger Circumference (mm)
XXS G - H 14.5 3 - 3.5 44 - 46 44.2 - 45.5
XS I - J 15.5 4 - 5 47 - 49 46.5 - 48.7
S K - M 16.5 5 - 6 50 - 52 50 - 52.2
M N - P 17.5 7 - 8 54- 56 53.8. - 56.3
L Q - R 18.5 8 - 9 58 - 60 57.6 - 59.1
XL S - T 19.5 9 - 10 60 - 62 60.2 - 61.4
XXL U - W 20.5 10.5 - 11 63 - 64 62.7 - 64.0
XXXL Y 21.5 12 67.5

Still unsure?

No problem! We have three quick and easy options to ensure you order the right size every time!

1)Order one of our free ring sizers to easily identify your UK ring size whichever finger you are buying for! Then simply cross check this UK ring size against our sizing table above to find your perfect CE match!

2)Do you already own a ring that is the perfect size? Download our Printable Ring Size Guide for tips on how to measure an existing ring.

3)Lastly, you can measure the circumference of your finger and use this measurement to find your perfect CE ring size. Download our Measuring Your Finger Guide for the best way to get an accurate finger circumference measurement.

Top Tips:

1)If you are in between sizes then we always suggest sizing up.

2)Measure your finger when you are at a comfortable temperature, if you are too hot or too cold this can affect the size of your finger and give you an inaccurate measurement.

3)We can have our rings made to order in 9k or 14k Solid Gold to your exact ring size, even half sizes. For more information please contact our customer service team on


To ensure our bracelets are a suitable size for you, we suggest measuring your wrist by wrapping a tape measure loosely around your wrist. How tight you prefer your bracelet to fit is down to personal preference, so measure the fit which is most comfortable for you. From the end of the tape measure to the point where it crosses the tape is your desired bracelet length.


Please compare this to the measurements specified on each of our bracelet product pages. Please be aware that some of our bracelets are adjustable with a slider closure and can be worn between a range of measurements which are listed; some feature extension chains so can be worn between a range of measurements specified; and unfortunately some come in one size only, so will not be suitable for all size wrists, the length of these bracelets are specified on their product pages.


With our cuffs, their inner diameter is listed for you to compare your wrist size to. Please note our cuffs can be adjusted slightly by squeezing very gently for a more secure fit, but we do not recommend squeezing to make the cuffs many sizes smaller as this can cause damage to the item.


As you know, we think that when it comes to pendants more is more! So layer them up for a super luxe look that will take you from day to night!

Our necklaces come in varying lengths which means you can layer your favourites together for a gorgeous unique look that’s personal to you! What’s more, nearly all of necklaces come with a 2” extender chain enabling you to wear two necklaces of the same length together to create the perfect cluster!

Simply wear one necklace on the shortest loop possible and the other on the longest for a gorgeous layered look…

Our different necklaces lengths displayed on a model

Worn together or alone, each of our necklaces has been thoughtfully designed to sit in an ultra flattering position and work with a variety of necklines and outfits, just mix and match to find your ultimate combo!

16” is our most popular length and sits beautifully in the little nook in your chest

18” is super flattering and works perfectly with a low V or open neckline

20” makes a long and luxurious statement

Our extra long 22”, 24” and 28” pendants are the perfect partners for a low cut top or bikini

For more inspiration see our Necklace Layering Guide.