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Carrie Elizabeth Gemstone Guide

Harness the natural superpowers of gemstones...

Gemstones are seriously our thing! Did you know that each semi-precious gemstone has symbolic and spiritual meaning? Wear gemstone jewellery as a daily reminder of your dreams, and let it become a token for your manifestation. Or choose gemstones with healing properties, to support your body when it needs a little boost.



The Gemstone of Positivity

Agate is a balancing gemstone that is known to spark bright ideas and attract positive energies. Clearing the mind of negative thoughts, it helps with focus when you need it the most. The soothing super powers of agate will lift moods, bring calm and sooth away negativity.



The Gemstone of Connection

Amethyst is a very powerful gemstone for manifestation. It creates balance when setting intentions for life-changing decisions, bringing inner strength and peace. It is also known for spiritual healing, calmness and wisdom.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. Shop our range of birthstone jewellery here.



The Gemstone of Eternal Youth & Happiness

Aquamarine is an all-purpose healing gemstone and aids as an added booster for the immune system - particularly where cleansing is needed. Aiding in communication, this beautiful stone is soothing and purifying. It inspires trust and the ability to let go of negativity and toxicity.

 Stunning Aquamarine is the birthstone of those born in March. Shop our range of birthstone jewellery here.



The Gemstone of Hope

Amazonite is a powerful gemstone with the ability to sooth and calm the mind. It helps you trust your intuition, with symbolic connections to the heart & mind, it can restore balance and peace whilst bringing hope into your life. It also has the power to inspire truth, harmony and integrity.



The Gemstone of Balance

Ametrine is a rare gemstone and is known as a bicolour quartz. A mix of orange and purple is something that happens when Amethyst and Citrine form one crystal. It has many of the same benefits of wearing these gemstones together and promotes balance, peace and success along with restoring harmony and balance.



The Gemstone of Self-Confidence

Apatite has many benefits when manifesting motivation, ambition & self-acceptance. Spiritually connected to the mind, it helps access your inner strength by enhancing your confidence and optimism, allowing you to be your true authentic self.

Aqua Jade.jpg__PID:e33c4dd3-4db4-4c03-a180-0431274863db

Aqua Jade

The Gemstone of Serenity

Aqua Jade has a tranquil energy that soothes the soul and calms the mind. Known to radiate peace and relaxation, this healing gemstone is believed to alleviate stress and anxiety, promoting emotional balance and harmony within. Worn as a talisman of calmness and tranquillity, by connecting clarity and serenity it acts as a reminder to find beauty in life's little pleasures.

Blue Topaz.jpg__PID:4dd34db4-dc03-4180-8431-274863dbfd88

Blue Topaz

The Gemstone of Truth

Blue Topaz has deep connections with honesty, clarity and emotional healing. Known as the gemstone of truth, it also has significant links with self-confidence, love and loyalty. Wear Blue Topaz when manifesting meaningful, honest relationships.



The Gemstone of Balance

Chrysoprase promotes love, truth & forgiveness. This all-balancing gemstone links to the heart chakra, with metaphysical properties for healing, it is known to provide a deeper understanding with matters that are close to the heart.



The Gemstone of Harmony

A semi-precious gemstone known to nurture, with spiritual meaning of stability & balance. Use chalcedony when manifesting inwards to strengthen the spiritual connection between the mind and emotions. Chalcedony absorbs negative energy and brings harmony. 

Cubic Zirconia.jpg__PID:04312748-63db-4d88-b5c0-e0157d5053a7

Cubic Zirconia

The Gemstone of Practicality

Designed to simulate a Diamond, Cubic Zirconia is a durable gemstone with plenty of sparkle and shine. Commonly referred to as CZ, it is believed to improve focus, increase clarity and have grounding properties.



The Gemstone of Success

Citrine is the perfect semi-precious gemstone to keep close if you are in pursuit of success. A manifestation gemstone known for it's motivating properties it is said to spark enthusiasm and drive.

Citrine is the birthstone of November. Shop our range of birthstone jewellery here.

Copper Turquoise.jpg__PID:63dbfd88-b5c0-4015-bd50-53a7d10b5ec0

Copper Turquoise

The Gemstone of Fortune

This stunning gemstone has long been worn as a protection amulet, and is one of the world's most ancient gemstones. With mystical powers, it is an emblem of wealth & fortune. Turquoise infused with properties of copper carries truth within it, and has the power to adjust to any situation. 



The Gemstone of Invincibility

Diamond is the most hard wearing gemstone in the world, and is known for its unmatched brilliance and sentimental value. Its symbolic strength will help to increase energy and success whilst its pure white light is said to attract love. A symbol of purity, diamonds are known to hold cleansing powers for both body and mind.



The Gemstone of Successful Love

A semi-precious gemstone known for sparking inspiration and infinite patience, Emerald embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love. It promotes friendship, balance between partners, and is particularly known for providing domestic bliss, contentment and loyalty! 

Fern Green Topaz.jpg__PID:e0157d50-53a7-410b-9ec0-df309052092f

Fern Green Topaz

The Gemstone of Forgiveness

Recharge your optimism and strengthen your power to forgive with Green Topaz. This spiritual stone is known as the gemstone of forgiveness, with strong connections to the soul it can help you recognise your self-worth with the ability to attract like-minded people.



The Gemstone of Clarity

This stunning gemstone absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress. Fluorite increases our powers of concentration, self-confidence and helps us in decision-making. It encourages positivity, and improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally.



The Gemstone of Regeneration

Known for energising and cleansing all of the chakras within the body. Garnet promotes love, friendship, light and vitality.

Born in January? Garnet is your birthstone! Shop our range of birthstone jewellery here.

Green Amethyst.jpg__PID:d10b5ec0-df30-4052-892f-917c57dba09f

Green Amethyst

The Gemstone of Connection

These beautiful gemstones are said to clear negative thoughts and inspire greater compassion for others whilst increasing self-acceptance and love. The healing properties will bring its wearer spiritual tranquillity, composure and higher self-esteem.



The Grounding Gemstone

Hematite is a grounding gemstone believed to help focus your energy into becoming balanced and connected while also improving your focus and concentration. With strong stress reducing and calming properties, it is often used during meditation to amplify a sense of inner peace & relaxation. It is also believed to strengthen your willpower and boost self-confidence.



The Gemstone of Loyalty

This healing gemstone is spiritually connected with dreams, exploration & intuition. It is a guiding gemstone known to stimulate memory and motivation. By wearing this blue crystal, it will give you a new sense of self-assurance, endurance and loyalty.

Green Onyx.jpg__PID:9052092f-917c-47db-a09f-deaaf4d40450

Green Onyx

The Gemstone of Protection

Green onyx is perfect for meditation, with the ability to sooth and restore self-control. This calming stone has the power to relieve you from worries, tension, stress and fear. It is believed to provide a positive feeling, strong mental support and helps to make wise decisions during your difficult times. 

Green Onyx is the birthstone of May. Shop our range of birthstone jewellery here.



The Gemstone of Alignment

Kyanite has a calming effect on the whole being, bringing a sense of tranquillity. It encourages psychic abilities and communication on all levels. It drives away anger, frustration, confusion and stress to help its wearer think logically.



The Gemstone of Transformation

This magical semi-precious gemstone stimulates imagination and creativity. By keeping Labradorite close, it is believed to attract success as well as reducing stress and anxiety. 



The Gemstone of Illumination

Malachite is a healing gemstone with links to the heart chakra. With strong feminine energy it is known as a guardian of the heart, with calming energies, it can help you in times of fear. It also has spiritual connections to protection, compassion and joy.



The Gemstone of Joy

Moissanite is a healing gemstone known for its brilliance and allure, and is believed to amplify intuition and ignite creativity. It is said to bring feelings of joy, optimism, a sense of energy and enthusiasm. This meaningful gemstone is the perfect alternative to diamonds. With its unique sparkle, durability, and environmental benefits, it's an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stunning piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime.



The Gemstone of New Beginnings

Moonstone is a stunning, shimmering gemstone that symbolises inner growth and strength. This feminine gemstone is linked with the moon, and is known to sooth emotions, balance hormones and aid your mental and physical in times of stress by providing calm mystical energies. 



The Gemstone of Unconditional Love

As a crystal of the heart, it is thought to attract new love or deepen a current relationship. It encourages loving thoughts and actions and also to being receptive to love from others. It inspires joy for life and helps you come to terms with past pain and see the meaning and purpose of it in the larger path of your life. 

Mystic Topaz.jpg__PID:206f0464-9352-41b5-a84a-ca4f872acd64

Mystic Topaz

The Rainbow Gemstone

This mystical gemstone starts out life as White Topaz and is then treated with a titanium vapour to coat the stone with a permanent rainbow of colours! This extraordinary stone is said to encourage clarity and greater self-awareness. It helps to bring colour and light to those areas of your mind that are clouded or in darkness.



The Gemstone of Protection

A symbol of restfulness and purity. This soothing stone has the power to relieve you from worries, tension, stress and fear. It is believed to provide a positive feeling, strong mental support and helps to make wise decisions during your difficult times. 



The Gemstone of Hope

Enhance your intuition and imagination with Opal. It stimulates creativity, originality and self-expression. Known as a symbol of purity and hope, the opal is also viewed as a powerful protector. The beautiful stone is also often used for its good luck properties. Wearers are believed to attract luck when wearing it!

Opal is the birthstone for those born in October. Shop our range of birthstone jewellery here.

Peach Moonstone.jpg__PID:d1b5284a-ca4f-472a-8d64-c490e820f6c4

Peach Moonstone

The Gemstone of Dreams

Known for its soft, peachy hue and luminous shimmer, peach moonstone is believed to hold a connection to dreams and intuition. As a healing gemstone, it is said to enhance emotional well-being and a deep sense of inner-peace and tranquillity. With gentle feminine energy, peach moonstone serves as a gemstone of hope, inspiration, wonder and possibility.



The Gemstone of Wisdom & Experience

Wear Pearl when manifesting luck and wealth, it has energising properties of prosperity and abundance. Pearls are also known for their calming effects, bringing balance to all of the chakras.

Pearl is the birthstone for June. Shop our range of birthstone jewellery here.



The Gemstone of Abundance

Used to manifest personal growth, peridot is known as an abundance gemstone which can help increase prosperity. It is said to work best when combined with citrine.

Peridot is the gemstone for those born in August. Shop our range of birthstone jewellery here.



The Gemstone of Support

Rhodolite is a warm, sincere, loving, and trusting stone. It’s a powerful energizer that can increase your energy levels wherever you wear it.



The Gemstone Amplifier

Quartz is a powerful amplifier of energy, and can help you focus your energy and intention towards your goals, making it the perfect gemstone to wear when manifesting your desires. Wearing quartz with other gemstones has many benefits! Quartz is believed to enhance the properties of other gemstones, and when used in combination is thought to intensify their spiritual and healing effects.

Rose Quartz.jpg__PID:f4d5fb22-6418-44eb-837c-aa5cf38ce0b8

Rose Quartz

The Gemstone of Love

Rose quartz is the semi-precious gemstone that represents heart, and is the crystal of unconditional love. Known to bring mystical energies of compassion, this feminine gemstone evokes tenderness and comfort and is seen as a lucky charm for long lasting loving relationships. 



The Gemstone of Passion

The stone of good fortune for the mind, body and soul. Ruby strengthens the heart. Fiery red Ruby is a gemstone of passion, energy, and zest for life. This precious stone is said to restore courage and energy and is seen as a symbol of protection, prosperity, and passion.

Ruby is the birthstone of July. Shop our range of birthstone jewellery here.



The Gemstone of Intuition

Known as the gemstone of wisdom and intuition, and available in an array of stunning colours. Keep sapphire close when manifesting your goals, hopes and dreams. Sapphires are known to strengthen intuition, self-discipline and encourage feelings of love and compassion. With calming energies they are believed to promote positive thinking, peace and balance.

Born in September? Sapphire is your birthstone! Shop our range of birthstone jewellery here.

Smokey Quartz.jpg__PID:54eb837c-aa5c-438c-a0b8-69df62561fc7

Smokey Quartz

The Gemstone of Stability

This healing gemstone is known to bring a level of emotional calmness. It can relieve stress and anxiety, while promoting serenity and calm. Dispel negativity and feel more grounded by wearing Smokey Quartz gemstone jewellery.



The Gemstone of Change

Tanzanite brings out happiness and relief from worries, allowing us greater insight into emotional issues without needing to dwell on them. It is also known to inspire you to feel more compassionate, loving and centred.



The Gemstone of Self Awareness

With a strong energy for clarifying thoughts, white topaz acts as a magnifier for manifesting your dreams. It is believed to opens your senses to yourself and brings an awareness of your thoughts and actions and the karmic effect these have. It helps purify your emotions, helping to heal the soul.

White Topaz is the birthstone for those born in April. Shop our range of birthstone jewellery here.



The Gemstone of Healing & Cleansing

Said to be born from the colours of a rainbow, Tourmaline comes in a myriad of beautiful colours. Known to radiate mystical energies of protection, compassion, prosperity and love. It aids in relieving stress, increases mental alertness, improve circulation and strengthens the immune system. This receptive stone  is soothing, calming and magnetic. 



The Gemstone of Good Fortune

Turquoise is an all-purpose balancing stone, with protective strengths that enhances intuition. This ancient stone is believed to bring health, good fortune and protection from evil. Known as the gemstone of friendship, it is said to strengthen relationships and enhance empathy and communication.

Born in December? Turquoise is your birthstone! Shop our range of birthstone jewellery here.



The Gemstone of Confidence

Zircon is is thought to enhance mental clarity whilst stimulating spiritual growth. Known for its ability to align energy, zircon is believed to promote a sense of balance and harmony within. Additionally, zircon is said to boost confidence and strengthen determination, empowering you to pursue goals.