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Carrie Elizabeth x Zoe Sugg

Q&A with Carrie Dennahy

Discover why Carrie chose to collaborate with Zoe Sugg for this stunning jewellery collection, which pieces are her favourite, what inspired the collection & her must-have style for gifting to someone special.

Zoe Sugg and Carrie Elizabeth at the first design meeting

Why did you choose Zoe Sugg for this jewellery collaboration?

“Zoe and I have known each other for years – we’ve often slid into each other’s DMs talking about jewellery and how much we love it. I love everything about her; I love her style, I love how authentic she is, I love how her personality exudes through everything she does.”

What inspired the jewellery collection?

“A few things inspired us when we first started talking about collaborating.

Number one; Zoe really loves the beach so we wanted to incorporate some waves within the styles.

Number two; Zoe loves moonstone and peridot especially - as this is Zoe’s daughter’s birthstone – so they are the two gemstones we’ve focused on."

"And number three," she adds, "was a little ring that Alfie made for Zoe, which I spotted during our consultation meeting. So we’ve done our take on that which I love so much."

Carrie Elizabeth and Zoe laughing while wearing jewellery from the collection
Carrie Elizabeth x Zoe Sugg Jewellery Collaboration

Describe your beautiful moments.

"Beautiful moments for me are often in the smallest little moments - watching the sunrise or set, walking around the fields in Kent when no-one is around, or having my morning coffee in the garden when all you can hear are the birds chirping." 

What are your favourite jewellery pieces from the collection? 

"The peridot chain is my favourite from the collection. I love chunky chains at the moment and it feels really contemporary.''

Carrie wears her favourite jewellery pieces from the Zoe Sugg collaboration collection
Zoe Sugg My Universe Peridot Curb Chain in Gold Plating

Zoe Sugg My Universe Peridot Curb Chain in Gold Plating

Central to Zoe's universe, peridot is an extremely meaningful birthstone in her family. Set in our statement curb chain, this stunning green gemstone is the perfect way to elevate any outfit. 


Zoe Sugg wears the My Universe Peridot Curb Chain in Silver Plating

My Universe Peridot Curb Chain in Silver Plating

Used to manifest personal growth, peridot is known as an abundance gemstone which can help increase prosperity. For more information, read our guide to beautiful gemstones here!


Zoe Sugg holds her favourite birthstone stacking rings

If you had to choose one piece to gift to someone special, what would it be and why?

"The peridot ring is perfect for gifting – it symbolises you + someone else."

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