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Carrie Elizabeth Birthstone Gemstones for Healing and Manifestation

Treasured Gemstones for Healing and Manifestation 

Our treasured range is designed to tell your story. Build your own necklace, bracelet or anklet with personal charms that are meaningful to you. Choose from 12 gemstone birthstone charms with manifestation or healing properties.

Manifestation is willing something you hope to happen. Usually, by putting your thoughts towards your dreams, and then repeating this every day until it becomes true. There is no time limit to manifestation, trust your thoughts, focus on your intentions and attract what you desire.

Each semi-precious gemstone is known to have a spiritual power. Connect with your gemstone by speaking your desires and intentions, hold It close to you and visualise how you can make your dreams a reality. Once you’ve set your intentions with your stone, wear it as a daily reminder of your dreams, and let it become a token for your manifestation. Alternately, wear gemstones with energetic healing properties, to support your body when it needs a little boost.

Use gemstones to manifest the kind of energy you want to bring into your life, or use them for their ancient healing properties – the choice is up to you…

Carrie Elizabeth Garnet Healing Gemstone Charm

Garnet – Healing Gemstone 

Birthstone - January 

Wear garnet for regeneration. It’s known for energising and cleansing all of the chakras within the body.

Carrie Elizabeth Amethyst Healing Gemstone Charm

Amethyst – Manifestation Gemstone 

Birthstone - February

Amethyst is a very powerful stone for manifestation. It creates balance when you set intentions for life-changing decisions, bringing inner strength and peace. 

Carrie Elizabeth Aquamarine Healing Gemstone Charm

Aquamarine – Healing Gemstone

Birthstone - March

A great booster for the immune system, aquamarine is an all-purpose healing gemstone - particularly where cleansing is needed. 

Carrie Elizabeth White Topaz Healing Gemstone Charm

White Topaz – Manifestation Gemstone

Birthstone - April

With a strong energy for clarifying thoughts, white topaz acts as a magnifier for manifesting your dreams. 

Carrie Elizabeth Green Onyx Healing Gemstone Charm

Green Onyx – Healing Gemstone

Birthstone - May

Green onyx is perfect for meditation, with the ability to sooth, calm and restore self-control.

Carrie Elizabeth Ruby Healing Gemstone Charm

Ruby – Healing Gemstone

Birthstone - June

The stone of good fortune for the mind, body and soul. Ruby strengthens the heart.

Carrie Elizabeth Pearl Manifestation Gemstone Charm

Pearl – Manifestation Gemstone

Birthstone - July

Wear Pearl when manifesting luck and wealth, it has energising properties of prosperity and abundance.

Carrie Elizabeth Peridot Manifestation Gemstone Charm

Peridot – Manifestation Gemstone

Birthstone - August

Used to manifest growth, peridot is known as an abundance gemstone – to increase prosperity. It works best when combined with citrine.

Carrie Elizabeth Blue Sapphire Manifestation Gemstone Charm

Blue Sapphire – Manifestation Gemstone

Birthstone - September

Known as the stone of wisdom, use blue sapphire when manifesting your goals. It strengthens your intuition and self-discipline. 

Carrie Elizabeth Opal Manifestation Gemstone Charm

Opal – Manifestation Gemstone

Birthstone - October

Enhance your intuition and imagination with Opal. It stimulates creativity, originality and self-expression.

Carrie Elizabeth Citrine Manifestation Gemstone Charm

Citrine – Manifestation Gemstone

Birthstone - November

The perfect gemstone if you are in pursuit of success, citrine is a motivating gemstone that sparks enthusiasm and drive.

Carrie Elizabeth Turquoise Healing Gemstone Charm

Turquoise – Healing Gemstone

Birthstone - December

Turquoise is an all-purpose balancing stone, working primarily within the throat. It is a protective stone that strengthens and enhances intuition.

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