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Mark Special Moments with Engraving

Carrie Elizabeth Engravable jewellery.  Necklaces, pendants, coin charms and lockets

We've got some exciting news!

Introducing engraving to the Carrie Elizabeth jewellery collection! Our team has been working behind the scenes to bring your engraving dreams to life. Now, alongside our existing bestsellers and gorgeous new designs, you can add your personal touch to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Capture moments and memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're treating yourself by engraving a special date or surprising your favourite person with “I Love You”, our custom engraving options are perfect for making every piece unique. 

Carrie Elizabeth Engravable jewellery.  Necklaces, pendants, coin charms and lockets

6 ways you can mark your special moments with engraving.

Your Words to Live By: Have a favourite mantra, or word that always inspires you? Whether it's a reminder to "Shine Bright" or simply "Breathe", engraving your words to live by adds meaning to your jewellery and can give you that extra boost whenever you need it.

Special Person: Life is a collection of beautiful connections, of people who hold a special place in our hearts - whether it's your best friend, partner, child, or a family member, you can now carry a piece of them with you wherever you go.

Memorable Date: Dates are chapters of your story! Commemorate your wedding day, the birth of a child, the day of a promotion, or any date that is special to you or those you love – and carry that moment with you always.

Precious Moments: Life is filled with special moments, and we believe in capturing them all. By engraving milestones onto your jewellery, you'll be transported back to that special moment everytime you look at it.

Loved One’s Initials: Sometimes, a letter can hold a lot of meaning, it can represent a unique connection shared with someone dear. Engraving the initials of a loved one onto your jewellery becomes a token that only you and that special person share. It's a beautiful way to keep your loved one’s close, even if you're miles apart.

Significant Numbers: Maybe it's your lucky number, an anniversary, a milestone birthday, or even coordinates of a special place. 

If you're on the hunt for the perfect gift or looking for a treat for yourself, our engravable jewellery pieces are the ultimate choice. From words to live by, to celebrating those you hold dear, to remembering the moments that define you – our pieces are your stories etched in silver or gold, all engraved forever.

Carrie Elizabeth Engravable jewellery.  Necklaces, pendants, coin charms and lockets

Engravable Ideas

Need a little inspiration with your idea?
Here are some of my favourites:

“Shine Bright”
“To the Moon”
“Carpe Diem”
“I Got You”
“I Choose You”
"My Strength"
"The One"
"I Do"
"My Person"
"For All Time"
"I Am Enough"
"You Did it"
"Proud of You"

What will yours say and what will it mean to you?