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New Solid Gold to Treasure

Discover the latest additions to join the Treasured collection, our lucky number and name charms. Handcrafted in 9K Solid Gold, every piece is designed to be personal, collectable, and above all, meaningful.

These stunning pieces are a beautiful way to carry your story with you with you wherever you go.

What's your lucky number?

Whether it's a date, a year, or a single-digit that holds personal meaning, these numbers become more than just numerical figures – they are the perfect way to tell your story, captured forever in 9K Solid Gold.

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Angel Numbers:

Do you believe in the guidance of numbers? Angel numbers are sequences of numbers that hold special meaning. When you see these numbers repeated or in significant sequences, it's a cosmic nudge that whatever is happening in your life is meant for you and that the divine is guiding you. 

Repeating 1s are a sign of divine support, you are entering a new phase of you life and self-actualisation. Remember to trust your instincts, and focus on positive thoughts and intentions.

Seeing 2s? They are symbolic of a form or union or reunion. Be open, and allow yourself to love deeply and most of all be loved.

Repeating 3s are a sign to believe in your magic, trust your intuition, stand strong and go for what you want in your life.

4's catching your eye? They are a sign from the divine to stay grounded. Now is the time for completion and balance.

Seeing 5's? This means you are or are about to undergo significant life changes. Embrace the chaos, let the divine guide you.

6's are actually better than you think! They are a sign to look inward for the answers you seek. Take a moment to step back and breathe, you know what to do.

Repeating 7s are a sign of alignment with the universe. 7 is the symbol of spirituality, and is your sign to embrace and dig deeper into your spiritual beliefs. 

Seeing 8s means a major chapter of your life is coming to a close. It’s time to let go, trust the process and be grateful for all of the beautiful things in your life.

Repeated 9's are a sign from the divine, they indicate that you are growing and expanding your mind. Be open and welcome new knowledge.

Seeing 0's in your sequence? This means you are about to start a new journey. Embrace this new beginning with an open heart and mind.

Build Your Treasured Cluster:

Create a personal and collectable cluster with our new Treasured Charms. Mix and match the Lucky Number Charms with our Custom Made Say My Name Charm, It's A Date Charm, Birthstone Name Charm, and It's Your Year Charm. Each piece is crafted in 9K Solid Gold, ensuring longevity and of course, timeless beauty.

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Please note that Custom Made pieces take 5-7 weeks for delivery and are non-returnable/non-refundable, crafting each piece exclusively for you.

Love & light