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Discover the special meanings behind our 9k Solid Gold Pendants...

Discover the special meanings behind our 9k Solid Gold Pendants...

We’re delighted to be Introducing a new collection of stunning 9k Solid Gold Pendants

These pieces are dainty, meaningful and beautifully crafted. Designed to wear every day, these beautiful pendants are perfect for layering up and building a meaningful necklace that's unique to you.

Each pendant holds a special meaning, bearing a symbol that has been used in jewellery & art for centuries to bring luck, and attract love, light & protection

Read on to discover more of their unique histories! 



A Guardian Angel is a type of angel that has a special assignment to protect or guide a particular person.

Belief in guardian angels is not unique to one religion or culture and can be noted across the world and traced back to the art of ancient antiquities. 

In medieval art: angels were often shown  with wings and halos, appearing to mortals on earth and holding their hands or pointing to show them which direction they might take.

These depictions were often used in small paintings or engraved in jewellery sold on pilgrim routes throughout Christian Europe.

Small pendants were very popular, as they can be worn close to the heart, every day, and the hard-wearing metal stayed strong throughout their arduous journeys.

Likewise today, people of all different cultures chose to wear a guardian angel symbol close to their heart, believing it to offer guidance and protection.



Like the Guardian Angel, the Mother & Child is a well-known symbol which appears time and again across many religions and cultures. 

It’s no surprise that the special bond between a mother & child has been venerated for as long as history has recorded.

Not only does the symbol celebrate a mother’s love and care: it has also been a historical way to express ideas of humanity itself and its capacity to nurture, to forgive and to love.

The Mother & Child is a timeless symbol which despite its sweetness, depicts a powerful message of strength.




This pendant depicts both a Sun & Moon on either side. Both fascinating symbols taken alone, depicted together; literally as ‘two sides of one coin’, they express our innate duality.

Often in history the sun has been given the characteristics of strength and power, when things are shown in bright light we can see them best and are ready to take them on.

The moon in contrast has a more mysterious energy: it can bring uncertainty, but is also beautiful in its darkness.

The Sun and Moon together express the two sides of life and the two sides of our selves. They are symbolic of the common belief that there cannot be light without darkness, and vice versa.



Our Lucky Charms Pendant depicts 5 unique and fascinating symbols: the Horseshoe, the Dove, the Eye, the Elephant and the Clover! You are likely to be familiar with the Horseshoe symbol as lucky.

It has been historic symbol of protection: in the Middle Ages they were made by Blacksmith’s whose work with fire was considered almost magical, giving their creations in Iron special protective powers.

The Dove is a recognised symbol of peace & hope, the Evil Eye a pagan icon of protection.

The four-leafed clover is perhaps the most well-known lucky charm in the world. An Irish-Celtic symbol, the four leafed clover was said to have been picked by Eve in the Garden of Eden as a souvenir of paradise.

But what about the Elephant? Elephants are revered in many eastern cultures. As the world’s largest land mammal, they are a natural symbol of strength and power.

In the Ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui: they also represent protection, luck & infinite wisdom…


If you can’t decide which pendant to pick first…why not opt for all of them & layer up for the ultimate meaningful necklace!

You can shop the full collection now, at the link below.


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