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Why I love Vintage Jewellery

Why I love Vintage Jewellery

Finding beautiful pieces from a time gone by is passion of mine and I love nothing more than sharing these incredible finds with our Carrie Elizabeth community. As often as I can (in a life before covid!) I love visiting vintage markets and shops to search out stunning treasure & discover beautiful designs and memories. 

I source our vintage collection from markets & antique dealers around London & the South East of England. They are all one off pieces and so once they're gone they're gone! This makes each piece even more special as its totally unique to you.

vintage diamond ring

I find vintage pieces so special because each and every one of them has a story to tell. It's fascinating to imagine the lives that they’ve led, where they’ve been, what they’ve seen and who was wearing them. It amazes me that if I wasn't at that particular Vintage fair or store on that day I mightn't have found that ring. There is such a thrill about finding something completely unique, knowing that you could have missed out on it and ultimately that you've changed its path forever. I love the idea that our customers are then giving these rings their next home and this piece could become a treasured heirloom in their family for years to come.  

I absolutely adore vintage design, in particular the Victorian and Georgian eras and above all Art Deco design. A lot of Vintage out there now is actually from the 1970's and 1980's but this doesn't appeal to me - I love the beauty that you find from a century or more ago. 

vintage rings

When I'm looking for new Vintage pieces its always the sparkle and the prettiness that attracts me. Vintage rings often have platinum settings with yellow gold shanks which makes the diamonds pop even more. Speaking of diamonds, I love nothing more than old cut diamonds, they have a quality that you cannot find in modern cuts and I love that they're not produced anymore making them feel even more special and rare. I am also always a magpie for colour and love finding pieces set with sapphires, emeralds and rubies. 

Whenever we launch a new Vintage collection there is always a great demand and we tend to sell out within half an hour! They make gorgeous engagement rings and are an amazing price for solid gold & diamonds. The beauty of solid gold is not only that you can wear it every single day but that you can also resize for the perfect forever fit so this ring can travel through life with you and will withstand the test of time. If you have a more modest budget for your engagement ring I would always recommend buying vintage as you can get a really special piece for amazing value. 

vintage wedding ring

I love sourcing Vintage pieces not only to sell on but also to inspire my new designs. Many styles in our range have been inspired by gorgeous details from vintage rings and pendants - I love that they add a touch of history and a hint of old school glamour to our collection. It is definitely a reflection of my own personal style and so I love being able to inject that into our pieces and share this passion of mine with you all. 

To discover our Vintage collection click here 

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