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Carrie Elizabeth x Zoe Sugg

Q&A with Zoe Sugg

Zoe is back for a second jewellery collaboration with Carrie Elizabeth! Discover which pieces she loves most, her favourite gemstones & the inspiration behind the meaningful new collection.

Zoe Sugg and Carrie Elizabeth wearing rings from the collaboration collection

Why did you want to do a 2nd collection with Carrie Elizabeth?

"After the success of the first collection we collaborated on, we loved the idea of doing it again and creating more special pieces that people would love to add to their jewellery boxes! Plus working on jewellery is so much fun, I can see why Carrie has such a love and passion for it!"

What inspired this collection?

"I have a few pieces of jewellery in my collection with words like “breathe” which when I look at them, can be such a great comfort or reminder to do those very things when days feel a bit harder. Almost like the jewellery is there as reassurance like a super power.

I loved the idea of curating a special collection of “intentions”, things that people might want or feel they need to bring to their lives whether that's long term, if they're going through a bit of a tough time or just love having that comfort and reassurance close to them.

The idea that people can take what they need from this collection makes me so happy, and I can only hope that wearing of gifting these special pieces does just that!"

Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella wears silver stacking rings, necklaces and bracelets from her collaboration with Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery
Zoe Sugg gemstone rings designed in collaboration with Carrie Elizabeth, moonstone, amethyst, pearl and rose quartz in gold vermeil..

Which intention will you be wearing and why?

"I feel like I could do with quite a few of them depending on the day and how I'm feeling but in particular the moonstone and energy at the moment! I need all the energy I can get but I'm also absolutely in love with moonstone. I also love the idea of bringing in a bit more balance too!"

Which is your favourite piece in the collection and why?

"I love it all but the pendants in particular are so special and great for layering. I also love the bracelets, they're so delicate and pretty and again, some of these worn together look so good!"

Carrie Elizabeth X Zoe Sugg Intentions locket pendants, each feature a gemstone and powerful word
Carrie Elizabeth X Zoe Sugg Intentions Jewellery Collection Rose Quartz & Peridot rings in silver

What will you be gifting to your friends/family?

"I think it’s nice to pass on the love, luck and courage items as these things feel sentimental and special!"

What are your favourite gemstones in this collection?

"My favourite gemstones are moonstone, opal and peridot!.''

Zoe Sugg aka Zoella wears stacking rings and gemstone rings from her new collaborative collection with Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery
Carrie Elizabeth x Zoe Sugg intentions rings, Zoe wears peridot, citrine, opal, pearl, rose quartz gemstone rings on multiple fingers

Will you be styling the new pieces back with your previous collection, if yes how?

"We decided to do a few more statement rings in this collection which I think would work so well stacked with a few of the more simpler rings in the previous collection! I also think the pendant would look so pretty layered with the shorter peridot necklace."

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