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Carrie Elizabeth
Zoe Sugg

Intentions Collection

Take what you need

Carrie and Zoe Sugg

Intentions Collection

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our second, incredible jewellery collection designed in collaboration with Zoe Sugg.

Take what you need

Carefully crafted for you to take what you need or to pass it on to someone you love, these meaningful pieces were designed to help set your intentions and tell the universe what you want to bring into your life.

Zoe Sugg wears Gemstone Rings
Zoe Sugg wears silver jewellery collection intentions

Healing & Balancing Gemstones

Sometimes, we all need a little daily reminder that we can achieve anything we put our minds to. By pairing healing and balancing gemstones with the powerful words they embody, the Intentions Collection was born!

Meaningful jewellery

Whether you're seeking luck, balance, healing, courage, strength, love, success, power, or energy, take what you need and let the positive energy from these tangible reminders guide you on your journey through life.

Carrie holds gold, gemstone intention lockets in collaboration with Zoe sugg

Intentions Collection

Take a closer look at the gemstones featured in this meaningful collection and the intentions they hold...


Intention Power

Your inner power is what gets you through both good and challenging times. Opal encompasses strength, intuition, and imagination and with its stimulating properties, enhances creativity, originality, and self-expression. It represents purity and hope while acting as a powerful protector.


Intention Energy

Create an energy field that radiates positivity and well-being, influencing not only yourself but also those around you. Moonstone, with its feminine energy promotes inner growth. Linked to the moon, it has the ability to soothe emotions, and provide calm during times of stress.


Intention Heal

Topaz helps purify your emotions, leading to soul healing and embracing a future filled with light and love. With a strong energy for clarifying thoughts, Topaz acts as a magnifier for manifesting your dreams. It opens your senses to yourself, bringing awareness to your thoughts and actions.


Intention Luck

Whether you're dreaming of making a change or know someone who feels like things haven't been going their way, Pearl is the perfect gemstone to wear or gift. It not only manifests luck but also serves as a beautiful reminder that success can be achieved in anything you put your mind to.


Intention Balance

Balance is essential for leading a happy and healthy life. When setting intentions for life-changing decisions, Amethyst can bring you inner strength and peace while helping you find the balance you seek. Amethyst is known for its spiritual healing properties, providing calm and wisdom.

Rose Quartz

Intention Love

Love is a powerful force and can bring so much light into your life. Rose Quartz represents the heart, and embodies the energy of unconditional love. With its mystical energies of compassion, it evokes tenderness and comfort and is the perfect lucky charm for long-lasting loving relationships.


Intention Success

True success lies in finding peace and happiness in every aspect of our lives. Citrine, a manifestation gemstone, possesses motivating properties that will spark your enthusiasm and drive. If you are in pursuit of success in all areas of your life, keep Citrine close to you.


Intention Courage

Whether you’re searching for the courage to be your authentic self, or to face the challenges of everyday life. Peridot is a beautifully meaningful gemstone that will bring out your inner strength. By wearing Peridot, remind yourself that you have the courage to face any obstacle.


Intention Strength

You possess a limitless inner power that you may not even be aware of! Sapphire, known as the stone of wisdom, can help you tap into that power when manifesting your goals. It strengthens intuition, making it the perfect gemstone for you to use when manifesting strength to reach for your dreams.

"Jewellery is so much fun, I can see why Carrie has such a love and passion for it!"

"The idea that people can take what they need from this collection makes me so happy."

"My favourite gemstones are moonstone, opal and peridot!"

"We designed special pieces that people would love to add to their jewellery boxes."

"We decided to do a few more statement rings in this collection!"

"I loved the idea of curating a special collection of “intentions”, things that people might want or feel they need."

"I love the pendants in particular, they are so special and great for layering."