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80's Chains Are Back!

80's Chains Are Back!

In the 80’s, everything was BIG! From dramatic, brushed back hairstyles to bright bold neons, it was the era of making a statement. 80’s jewellery was no exception. Maximalist jewellery trends became a popular way to express individuality and this heavily influenced jewellery designs. Designers were thinking outside of the box to create bigger, bolder, and more dramatic pieces than ever before.

Although costume jewellery has been around for over 300 years, the 80’s saw a surge in popularity due to the price of precious metals and stones at the time. This meant diamonds were out and cheaper, more colourful stones with gold plating were in. Bigger was now more affordable!

Costume jewellery & cocktail rings aside (although we do love you!), the 80’s standout trend we are obsessed with, is chunky oversized chains. A classic component in our jewellery boxes but this time, the bigger the chain, the better! Oversized curb chains layered with heavy rope chains? Yes please

We can’t get enough of these timeless designs that can be styled a multitude of ways for day to night looks!

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