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We think our new fragrance smells incredible: but don't take our word for it...

We think our new fragrance smells incredible: but don't take our word for it...

One of the hardest parts of developing a fragrance is describing your desired scent in words. So we will let the fabulous reviews we’ve received so far speak for themselves!

Take a look…


Via Instagram:


‘My tester of your gorgeous fragrance arrived today, and I do have to say the moment I smelt it I just fell in love with it completely. It is so sophisticated, feminine, and elegant all at the same time. I have never smelt anything like it in all my life. I will most definitely be purchasing the full sized fragrance.’ 


‘I just recovered my sample of Aura and I’m in tears. The good kind…My godmother Nicky, who was an absolute chaotic whirlwind of a human in the best way, passed away last year. I never knew what perfume she wore, she always just smelled like Nicky. Aura took me back to years ago, being perched on her knee and playing with the jewellery she wore, smearing half a tube of Chanel lipstick onto my face as we sat at her vanity.

The perfume is gorgeous. The fact it emotes these feelings is no surprise given it came from you. Now I’m off to order 12 bottles so I can bathe in it!’


‘I’ve just received my aura testers and I absolutely love it! It’s a mixture of all my favourite perfumes and smells so rich and expensive! I will be ordering the full size today!’ 


‘I am a nurse for the NHS and have pretty much lived in my uniform, no jewels and a face mask for months now. I received your perfume yesterday & wore it today (with thick tights and unattractive flat shoes!) and I can honestly say it has made me feel sooo glamourous! Thank you so much.’


‘So please I dived right in and opted for the full size bottle of aura! I received it today and oh my it is truly gorgeous…smells so elegant and really lingers which I love…new fave perfume…can’t wait to see what you do next!’ 


‘Aura smells beautiful and already smells like ‘me’! I’ve just got an instant confidence boost spraying this! I’ve been overwhelmed by trying to find. New perfume for ages and trying to justify spending £130 on expensive brands just wasn’t going to work…so glad I took the jump and ordered this straight away. It will be on my shelf permanently for the foreaeeable!’ 


Read more at our ‘Aura’ Instagram Highlight now!

Order your full size bottle of Aura here.

Order your tester here.

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