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Your Guide To Birthstones

Your Guide To Birthstones

 Beautiful birthstones have long been seen as a source of good luck and protection for the wearer. Traditionally people have chosen to wear their own personal birthstone to enjoy the healing powers they contain and amplify the benefits they provide. The perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself!) we believe they are also a wonderful way to hold special memories close at hand.

Birthstone rings

Garnet (January)
Garnet is a powerful red stone that is known to help activate and strengthen the root chakra.  It is a valuable stone for grounding yourself and for getting in touch with your “roots”. The perfect stone to wear if you are feeling scattered or a bit all over the place. It is also a good stone to wear when you are getting ready to start something new or lay down new roots.
Garnet is the ideal stone for January as it represents new beginnings and fresh starts! 
Garnet Birthstone
Amethyst (February)
The stunning purple Amethyst stone has historically been a symbol of nobility, often adorned by royalty and clergy. Amethyst is considered to be one of the most powerful stones due to its ability to activate and open the third eye. Legend says that wearing Amethyst keeps the wearer’s mind clear and focused and also promotes peace, serenity and protection.
Amethyst Birthstone Ring
Aquamarine (March)
This beautifully serene water coloured stone has had many symbolic meanings throughout history. It was believed to bring protection to sailors, mend friendships, rekindle love, and cure physical, mental, and spiritual illnesses. It is said to have calming tranquil properties, and is associated with youth, hope and health.
Aquamarine Birthstone Ring
White Topaz (April)
Sparkling clear White Topaz encourages self-expression through clarity of thought. It enhances your creativity and individuality by improving your own self-awareness and also the karmic effect of your actions on others. Stimulating the Crown and etheric chakras, this powerful crystal helps to dissolve anxiety and purifies your emotions, helping to heal the soul.
White Topaz Birthstone Ring
Emerald (May)
This vibrant green gemstone symbolizes rebirth, fertility and love. It is believed to bring the wearer luck, youth, and foresight. Emeralds are great to use for all matters of the heart both in opening your heart to new love and also in healing and mending a broken heart. It has also been said that Emeralds can help to make you extremely desirable and magnetic. It is believed that when you wear an emerald, no one can say no to you!
Emerald Birthstone Ring
Pearl (June)
Luminous Pearls symbolise purity. In ancient times, it was believed that pearls were hardened tears of joy from the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Pearls are said to help create stable, loving relationships and can also calm angry or frustrated energy. Because they are from the sea, Pearls can amplify the effects of the Moon and are often used to help with fertility and to regulate the natural female cycle.
Pearl Birthstone Ring
Ruby (July)
Fiery red Ruby is a gemstone of passion, energy, and zest for life. This precious stone is said to restore courage and energy and is seen as a symbol of protection, prosperity, and passion.
Its brilliant red colour is also connected to the root chakra and can help to stimulate a grounding energy. Ruby is great when your energy has been depleted or when you are looking to bring back more passion into your life.
Ruby Birthstone
Peridot (August)
This beautiful green stone symbolises strength, power and cleansing. Peridot has long been used to help ward off negative energies, hexes and black magic. It is also a great stone for helping to stimulate positive thinking and to boost mental clarity and performance. It helps to reduce feelings of fear and brings out your inner courage and strength.
Peridot Birthstone Ring
Sapphire (September)
Sapphire's deep blue, sparkling colour has been cherished since ancient times. Known as the wisdom stone, it promotes intelligence, education and the ability to make wise and good decisions. Sapphires also have a long history as being an expression of love and are seen as a stone of commitment and fidelity, making them a very popular choice for engagement rings! The sapphire is an ideal gemstone for those looking to channel their energies into clear, positive thinking to accomplish their goals. 
 Sapphire Birthstone Ring
White Opal (October)
The mystical White Opal is simply breath taking! Legend claims that rainbows left opals wherever they touched the earth! As they reflect a rainbow of different colours, it is believed that opals possess the qualities of all  gemstones. They are an extremely powerful stone and hold many properties including faithfulness, confidence, love, healing, protection and strength. Believed to enhance your self-worth, confidence and self-esteem, opals can help you to realise your full potential. Because the opal is so absorbent and reflective, it can also help you to pick up on the thoughts and feelings of others.
opal birthstone
Citrine (November)
Citrine is a variety of quartz that shines a beautiful yellow-orange hue. Citrine is seen as a comforting stone with the ability to soothe and heal both yourself and others. It is also known as the “success stone” bringing prosperity, wealth, and new beginnings to the wearer.
Citrine Birthstone Ring
Turquoise (December)
Vibrant blue Turquoise is associated with good fortune, success and protection. This beautiful stone can help to evoke happy thoughts and positive energy. It can also help to relax the mind and bring about feelings of calmness and peace. A gemstone of friendship it is said to strengthen relationships and enhance empathy and communication.
Turquoise Birthstone Ring
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