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Carrie's Spring Style

Carrie's Spring Style

I am so excited to launch our new Spring collection today! I think I may have said this before….but….this is my favourite collection to date. I want to wear everything…all at once!

Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery

At the end of last year when I sat down to start designing the collection and thought about what inspires me and what I wanted to create, I kept coming back to the same thing….what do my friends and I want to wear? Right from the beginning, when I started the brand this has always been so important to me – to design beautiful, meaningful, affordable jewellery for women just like me and my friends.


I am so proud of this new collection because every piece feels so true to my original vision for the brand – beautiful gemstones & diamonds in meaningful, unique designs – the perfect pieces to layer & stack and above all to make you feel special every time you put them on.

earrings and rings  

What’s really exciting for this season is that we have introduced completely new pieces for us that make our styling feel even more contemporary and relevant. Without doubt my personal favourite is our new collection of incredible chains which I love worn together and mixed and matched with our new gemstone pendants. I am already dreaming of my perfect outfits for the summer after lockdown and all of them feature these chains!

 chain necklaces

I’m always heavily inspired by vintage and love having these influences through the collection – this season we have some incredible new rings in stunning gemstones & diamonds that are definitely wow pieces that I’m sure you’ll love too.

vintage inspired rings

Gemstones continue to hold an important place in my heart (& our collection)- I am loving vibrant green stones like emerald, green topaz and green onyx and of course will always be drawn to my forever favourites labradorite & moonstone.

 green gemstone jewellery

The Universe and everything the night sky holds has always been a source of amazement for me and so I love designing beautiful celestial pieces that hold deeper meanings. Jewellery to me is so much more than just beauty – I love that it can hold personal, sentimental value and meaning and helps to give you comfort & direction every time you wear it.

celestial jewellery

I can’t wait to see what all of your favourite pieces are in the new collection, please tag us in your photos @carrie_elizabeth_jewellery #carrieelizabethjewellery.


Check out the new collection by clicking here 




Carrie x

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