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Your Guide To Luxe Layers

Your Guide To Luxe Layers

 This season we’re launching our stunning collection of chains and interchangeable pendants!

We LOVE mixing them up to create a chunky statement look.
More is more, right? Or if you’re looking for something subtle, why not start small and build up from our sleek, simple chains.
Whatever your personal style, we’ve made it easy to create captivating combinations you’ll love.
Choose your favourites and get layering!

Play With Length

Choosing a chain that falls close to your neck is the perfect place to start! Build your look from there with cascading layers (short or long), so every piece gets their moment in the spotlight.           
   mix and match chains

Play With Proportion

Mix it up! We love the eclectic contrast of our chunkier chains against the slinky ones to create an effortlessly put together, statement look.
chains and pendant

Create Texture

Take your layers to the next level and play around with texture. We’ve got you covered with a variety of link styles in different shapes & sizes!

Add A Pendant

And finally, finish your look with one (or two!) of our stunning pendants to add a focal point to your layering creation.
Or if you'd prefer, you can buy our pendants separately and add them to your existing chain collection for a totally unique look. Don't forget to check out our product descriptions for the bail size! 
 chain and smoky pendant
We've made it easy to shop the look
Choose your favourite pendant, then select one of our chain options from the drop down menu, and get layering.

We can’t wait to see your amazing styling combinations!

Please tag us in your photos @carrie_elizabeth_jewellery #carrieelizabethjewellery.


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