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Tarot Card Charms

Form a spiritual connection with our beautiful 9K Solid Gold manifestation Tarot card charms.

Perfect for harnessing your inner power and projecting your manifestations into the universe, these beautiful charms are now available to shop as part of our Treasured Collection!

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Designed to tell your story

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Personal, collectable & meaningful, each of our Tarot card charms is handcrafted in 9k solid gold and designed to travel through life’s journey with you.

Pair yours with our super sparkly 9k solid gold Singapore Chains and Octagon Box Chains, they are the perfect canvas to tell your story – choose from yellow or white solid gold in your choice of necklace lengths and bracelets.

Carrie Elizabeth 9K Solid Gold Tarot Necklace CAD.jpg__PID:75fce4f2-c777-443c-b281-8de4c45033f5

Each Tarot card charm represents a manifestation power to bring into your life!

Which Tarot will you choose?

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The High Priestess

Calm and collected, manifesting inner wisdom.

You are subtle yet powerful, mysterious, and wise. Your strength is your ability to trust in yourself. Your strong intuition guides you to growing in your own power. This card reminds us that although you may be protecting your energy, you are enjoying the stillness and watching your manifestations grow gracefully.

Ideal for someone studying, connecting more with a spiritual path, on a life changing journey or working with feminine energy.

The Star

You shine bright, manifesting motivation.

This daydreamy energy is about just that, making dreams a reality, dreams coming true. The star card gives hope and creativity to our dreams, we know that sometimes there can be hard work involved but inspiration lights us up, raises our vibration and manifesting can soon become a reality, you have the motivation to make your wishes come true.

Ideal for someone who has an emotional attachment to their manifestation, looking for peace and healing support.

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IMG_1381 copy 2.jpg__PID:8de4c450-33f5-4515-b2bd-8fb6fa3ae7bc

The Sun

Good Vibes Only, manifesting joy.

You are glowing in the joyous energy you bring. This card reminds us to celebrate yourself, enjoy yourself for just being yourself! You have balance and alignment sussed out, you wholehearted embody positivity and therefore our potential is limitless. The more good vibes you put out, the more you get back.

Ideal for someone celebrating a big win or milestone.

The Empress

Mother of all, manifesting connection.

You love and embrace all that is on this earth, you are protective of all that is connected to you. You love deeply and passionately; you are a joy to be with and around. You bring loving energy in abundance to all that you do. This card is about enriching your life with new connections, so say yes to new opportunities, who knows where they will lead you and your heart.

Ideal for those in a parent or mother role, looking after people in their community or called to caring roles.

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Beautifully meaningful, timeless and can be cherished forever, carry yours with you through life's chapters.