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"We will look for you in the stars" in support of Sands charity

"We will look for you in the stars" in support of Sands charity

This July a member of our own Carrie Elizabeth family, Alfie, was born sleeping. His parents, and the wider Carrie Elizabeth team, wish that no other families would have to suffer this loss, however as statistics show, unfortunately many, many families are going through this heartbreaking experience every single day.

In memory of Alfie & in support of Sands, we have designed a beautiful necklace engraved with "We will look for you in the stars" and set with twinkling stars and a removable crescent moon charm.

hand holding necklace


Alfie's parents felt that it was incredibly important to share their story and wanted to find a way to support other families going through loss. 100% of the profits from the sale of each necklace will go directly to @sandscharity. 

 necklace and card

Alfie's parents explain "There are no words that can accurately describe the pain & despair of hearing the words “I’m afraid there is no heartbeat” or the absolute agony of coming home from the hospital with no baby in your arms…feelings that unfortunately we have now confronted four times in a row. Nothing can prepare you for the irrational feelings of guilt for not being able to protect your baby & deliver them safely into the world or the realisation that all of your hopes and dreams for the future have been shattered in that one moment in time.


Our hope now is that Alfie will never be forgotten and that by sharing our story and his memory we can in some way help other families going through similar experiences and make them feel less isolated and alone. We have received great support from Sands and want to help them to care for others and raise awareness of baby loss. We want to help raise awareness in the wider community so that those around us can support, empathise and understand a little bit more about what it is to say goodbye too soon to the most precious part of yourself."

 we will look for you in the stars

Alfie, we will look for you in the stars, we will think of you in the darkness, we will love you to the Moon and back, and beyond.

Click here to find our "We will look for you in the stars collection" 

To discover more about Sands & their work, please click here 

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