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Your Guide To Mixed Metals

Your Guide To Mixed Metals

Silver and gold? It’s a yes from us.
We love the contrasting tones of warm Gold mixed with cool silvers as they complement each other to enhance the sparkle of even our most vibrant diamonds! Whether you’re a fan of bold luxe layers, or like the simplicity of dainty stacking rings, we’ve made metal mixing easy. There’s no right or wrong way to mix up your metals. We really believe that If you love it, you should wear it. So, create your own style and have fun with it!
Here are our top tips to help get you started
Style not Shade
Don’t get too hung up on the colour of metal! Instead, focus on choosing jewellery with a similar aesthetic. This can help to create a more cohesive mixed metal look.
Add In Jewels
Wondering where to start with adding some sparkle to your look?
Try Silver with warm, earthy coloured stones to compliment your gold pieces or Gold with cool stones work just as well against Silver, as they bring out each other’s undertones!
Clear gemstones, or iridescent Moonstones strike the perfect balance. They’ll beautifully bring together the two tones and add some serious sparkle for ultimate sophistication.


Metal mixing isn’t reserved for silver rings and gold necklaces (But if that’s what you like then we’re on board too) We love mixing it up! Layer silver and gold chains for an understated go to or create the ultimate mixed metal combination with our range of stunning stacking rings.
Unsure of where to begin? Earrings make the perfect subtle starting point! Try Gold or Silver hoops paired with a contrasting sparkly stud for a minimalist look.

However you decide to style the trend, we know you'll look fabulous!
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