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A Guide To Turquoise

A Guide To Turquoise

One of the worlds most ancient gemstones dating back over 3000 years, Turquoise has been cherished for many, many generations.

A striking, sacred stone believed to offer good fortune, health and protection from evil to its wearer, this stunning gemstone has long been worn as a beautiful amulet, and I for one am very happy to carry on this tradition! 

turquoise jewellery

Known as a gemstone of friendship it is said to strengthen relationships and enhance empathy and communication making it the perfect gift to give to a loved one or or course to yourself. Born in December? Lucky you....Turquoise is your birthstone! 

This beautiful, vibrant stone is formed when water containing copper or aluminium leaks through a rock, forming veins which later turn into large pieces of the gemstone. Although of course there are lots of old, mystical tales surrounding this! Legend has it Native American Indians danced with delight when the rain came, creating turquoise as their tears of joy mixed with the rain and seeped into Mother Earth. Or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? After a storm this could actually be Turquoise (we'll take either, but let us know if you find out). 

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The earliest evidence of turquoise gems comes from Ancient Egypt, where tombs of those in power were decorated with extravagant turquoise jewellery. It was used to adorn burial masks to ensure kings passed onto the afterlife safely and was often used in places of worship and palaces to represent heaven due to its likeness to the sky! This belief was also held by the Aztecs who notably used Turquoise in important ceremonies & rituals.

turquoise jewellery

Beautifully blue in colour, turquoise is a purification stone known for its calming and stabilizing energy and ability to dispel negative outside influences. Perfect for wearing on those days you feel anxious or stressed. In fact, we love the stone so much we think it’s perfect for wearing everyday!

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