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Your Guide to Meaningful Coin Jewellery

Your Guide to Meaningful Coin Jewellery

  Coin jewellery has helped us to celebrate special moments & guide us through the meaningful journeys of life for many, many centuries. 

These beautiful pieces have been worn throughout history as souvenirs collected from travels. Often engraved with a sentimental message, they were then brought back and gifted to loved ones to hold onto as a talisman, or even better, turned into beautiful jewellery. 

Said to bring good fortune and luck to the wearer, coins were primarily turned into necklaces to keep close to your heart and were passed down through generations to cherish as family heirlooms. 

At Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery we love sentimental pieces with a rich and beautiful story to tell.  Coin necklaces have always been a part of our collection not only due to their stunning & intricate designs but also to help guide and support you through the challenges that life throws at us.

Although coin necklaces today aren’t genuine currency, they’re worth a lot in sentimental value! We can’t think of a better way to tell your story than through timeless, meaningful pieces of jewellery. 

Shop our coin pieces here & check out our layering guide for inspiration on how to style your coin jewellery 

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