Closing the Carrie Elizabeth App: A note from our founder, Carrie Dennahy

Closing the Carrie Elizabeth App: A note from our founder, Carrie Dennahy
Providing the best possible browsing and shopping experience for you all is always one of our top priorities at Carrie Elizabeth and as a team we strive to make finding your way around our collection as easy and enjoyable as possible!
Listening to our Carrie Elizabeth community is so important to me as a founder, and I always take your feedback on board and hope that I can use this to help make your experience with us as a brand even better. We love hearing from you across all subjects from our products & our marketing to our customer service. It is our commitment to you as a brand to ensure that we are always taking this feedback into consideration in every decision we make.
In recent months it has come to light that our Carrie Elizabeth App does not always provide the same level of service as our website. There are certain operational challenges that mean that we cannot offer you the same options that we have available on our website. I am not happy to accept these inconsistencies as I believe they do not align with us as a brand and are not offering you the high level of service I would expect.
Taking this into consideration we have decided to funnel our energy as a team into our website platform and to make this the best possible shopping & styling experience for you whatever device you choose to shop with us on. As of 16th July our Carrie Elizabeth App will no longer be available and we will direct you to All orders placed on our app prior to the closure on 16th July will be processed as usual. 
We would welcome any feedback on this subject and if there are any improvements to our shopping experience that you would like to see on the Carrie Elizabeth website please contact us at
Carrie x

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