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Add the personal touch with custom engraving

Add the personal touch with custom engraving

Pieces of personalised jewellery are emblems of love to last a lifetime!

Whether you’re buying them for yourself or treating a loved one, there’s nothing more special than something engraved.

Throughout history, we’ve found ways to make our belongings and gifts unique. From carving rocks in the stone age, to Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and inscribed Italian gemstones of the 15th century.

Today, we prefer beautifully engraved jewellery to keep close to our hearts! This came about hundreds of years ago when rings would be inscribed with a short verse or poem in a bold design on the outside of the band, called a Posy ring. As these inscriptions became more heartfelt, new techniques were developed to engrave inside the band, to keep these private and close to the wearer. Over time, engraving has become more about special messages than actual means of communication (thank you technology!) and although times have changed a lot since then, the message of love these pieces represent remains the same.

Because we all love a piece of personalized treasure, we offer free engraving between 0-20 characters on all our custom 14k Solid Gold rings and our new personalised Solid 9k Gold necklace adds an extra special touch of magic to your jewellery box! Choose between 1-3 initials, a name or name and date, and even a meaningful quote or phrase of your choice up to 15 characters. 

We cant wait to see your beautiful pieces come to life! 

Share your story and tag us in your photos @carrie_elizabeth_jewellery #carrieelizabethjewellery.

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