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Fearne Cotton x Carrie Elizabeth's Exclusive Collection

Fearne Cotton x Carrie Elizabeth's Exclusive Collection


Empowering message

We are so thrilled to introduce Fearne Cotton’s first ever jewellery collection in collaboration with none other than our very own Carrie Elizabeth! Exclusively available on notonthehighstreet, this stunning collection is the culmination of many months of hard work and partnership between Carrie and Fearne. A unique collection crafted in 14k Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver, incorporating our signature stunning semi-precious gemstones and empowering messages of strength, courage and self-belief. This meaningful collaboration reveals not only a beautiful shared design aesthetic but also focuses on the deeper meaning behind jewellery that is so important to both women.

Carrie & Fearne Laughing

Notonthehighstreet chose Fearne as the perfect person to spearhead this exciting new venture, not only as a loyal supporter of the platform for over a decade, but also as she has a natural flair for design, is highly creative and is passionate about supporting small businesses. Fearne in turn, handpicked Carrie as the perfect partner for this exclusive project, inspired by Carrie’s unique design style, beautiful quality at affordable prices and of course the deeper meaning and sentiment evoked by each piece of the Carrie Elizabeth collection.

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The creative process began in earnest with both Carrie and Fearne keen to share ideas and sketches. It soon became clear that this was a partnership “written in the stars” as the two women's creative vision met in the use of stunning semi precious gemstones and delivering a powerful deeper meaning behind each piece within the collection.

Carrie & Fearne looking at jewellery

Fearne’s vision for the collection was for it to empower the wearer, to design and make beautiful pieces for those moments in life when you most need strength or want to feel safe; pieces that somehow help you get back to your happy place. Both Carrie & Fearne were clear that they wanted to create a beautifully designed, unique collection that they would both be proud to wear themselves and to gift to their friends and family.

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With Carrie’s wealth of experience in hand crafted jewellery, Fearne & Carrie were able to select the perfect gemstones to enhance and support their meaningful designs. They developed ideas close to both of their hearts with an emphasis on inner peace, personal direction and strength from within.  Furthermore, the collection took on a deeper personal meaning to both women through the development of designs inspired by meaningful pieces from within their own personal jewellery collections, such as the Fearne x Carrie Opal & Diamond Ring, inspired by Fearne’s own engagement ring.

Fearne designing 

Throughout the process, Carrie has enjoyed the close connection she has made with Fearne, finding her as genuine, authentic and warm as the TV personality we have all grown up with! The venture has enriched Carrie’s skills as an entrepreneur, bringing new experiences and lessons along the way.

 Carrie Quote

Carrie and Fearne are so proud of this unique, meaningful collection they have created together. They believe that there is a piece that will appeal to and inspire every woman, reminding each and every one of us that unequivocally… “we are enough”.

Carrie & Fearne trying on jewellery  

Selecting some of her favourite pieces from the collection, we asked Carrie to tell us a little bit more about the story behind them and why they hold such a special meaning:


silver locket

It’s the perfect place to carry a loved one’s photo or message close to your heart to keep you strong. But more importantly, it’s delicately engraved with a compass on the front, features a real diamond and says ‘it’s ok to feel lost’ on the back – so whoever wears it is constantly reminded that they don’t have to put on their ‘happy face’ to the world all the time. No matter what they’re going through, it’s alright. Because this too shall pass


Happy Necklace

Happy Necklace


Positive thoughts inspire positive feelings so what better word could one possibly wear? By showing the world your intent, you can manifest happiness for yourself and share the sentiment with others. Also, 10% of every sale goes to Prince’s Trust ‘Women Supporting Women’ initiative.




Aztec Bracelet


It’s a beautifully unique design, subtly embossed with the words ‘I am enough’ to remind the wearer that it’s ok to do it their way and are perfect just as they are. On top of that, coin jewellery has been worn throughout history to bring luck and good fortune. So as well as looking lovely, might just help you feel protected too.



labradorite necklace

Labradorite Necklace


The stunning labradorite stone symbolizes strength and perseverance, plus the tiny fastening at the back is hand-engraved with this meaningful message of empowerment, "I've got my back"...because it's true, you always have! 




Each handcrafted, unique piece is now available to buy on notonthehighstreet. Get ready to feel invincible!

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